Preserving Open Space and Farmland

There is nothing more vital to the future of our county then the preservation of open space, parkland, and farmland. I will work tirelessly to leverage state and county funds to develop a comprehensive preservation program for our New Castle County Farms. I will also insist on maximizing open space in any future development plans.

Curbing Overdevelopment

We must stand up to powerful developers and ensure the infrastructure is in place before putting up new homes. We will slow down development until sound planning for our communities are in place.

Environmental Justice

For too long, residents along the Route 13 and Route 9 corridors have gotten the short end of the stick when fighting for a clean environment. I will push for legislation that will keep heavy industry away from the places we call home. I will also look to develop more places to run, play and bike.


I will have an open and transparent office that is mobile and responsive. I won’t rely on yellow signs that relay zoning plans but will host periodic meetings to update residents on county issues. There will be no question not answered by my office.

Increasing Services for our Children and Veterans

As the father and a veteran, I will work on block grants that support sending our pre-k children to school at a reduced cost. I will also seek money to help the educational pursuits of those who have fought for our country.